Existing rri practices

The JERRI teams from TNO and Fraunhofer carried out a series of interviews and analyzed key documents in order to reveal existing rri practices within the two organizations and other RTOs. The analysis uncovered several commonalities among the organizations. In many of the RRI key dimensions Ethics, Gender, Open Access, Public Engagement and Science Education RTOs already show systematic and coordinated activities. Examples are the Open Access Strategy of Fraunhofer and the TNO code of conduct. What is more, responsibility is often part of further, older discourses such as sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, scientific integrity, or the establishment of organizational codes of conduct. Even though official definitions of RRI dimensions exist in many cases, e.g. in written policies, individual framings of the key dimensions vary widely. In some areas, institutionalisation and the operationalization into everyday practices is lagging behind ambitions so e.g. both organizations struggle to achieve their aims in terms of share of female leadership.

Read more about the findings on existing RRI practices within Deliverable 1.1 Synthesis on existing RRI practices.

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