The JERRI IHS team has implemented a process for monitoring and evaluating the different steps of the JERRI project in order to assess the suitability and success of JERRI activities and to provide continuous formative feedback to improve the quality of the JERRI processes and the significance of their outcomes.

For the purposes of the evaluation, a multi-method approach was chosen. A mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods is used in order to assess the project in terms of process and content.

The monnitoring includes:

  • a state of the art review of RRI in conceptual as well as concrete form at the two organisations as well as other European RTOs (WP1)
  • the development of RRI goals at FhG (WP2) and TNO (WP3)
  • multi-level upscaling and learning between the organisations and other stakeholders
  • a dissemination and data management plan


Results show that TNO and Fraunhofer made great efforts and could follow up on earlier results and goals: they included the conceptual framework (which was developed in an earlier phase of the project) in their actual works, assessed organisational barriers and enablers for the institutionalisation of RRI, developed transformative action plans which are taking into account organisational characteristics and started to pursue the goals and implement the pilot activities which they formulated in the first phase of JERRI.


Based on the evaluation, the following recommendations for future work processes were made.

  • Further aligning the project activities with the developed RRI concept and considering the broad RRI perspective and comprehensive view of the key dimensions as far as possible.
  • Continuing the effort to involve different types of stakeholders, also from outside the organisations and from civil society.
  • Making the workshop organisation more concise in expectation management of the participants, the explanation of purpose, goals and further steps, as well as also here considering the RRI dimensions comprehensively.

Read more about the monitoring concept in Deliverable 8.1: Monitoring and Evaluation concept.

The findings for the first phase of JERRI activities and subsequent recommendations can be found in

Deliverable 8.2: Evaluation Report I

Deliverable 8.3 - Evaluationreport II

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 709747.